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CNC Machinist Technology

CNCStudents will be exposed to the science of design engineering, operating and tools management and also manufaturing system with the stress on machinist process. Through machinist process, skills in using machines and tools are stressed out which includes convensional machinery tools including row, mill and grinding machines and also CNC machines including CNC Milling Centre, CNC Turning, CNC Grinding, CNC EDM Wire Cut and CNC EDM Die Sinker. Besides that, students also will be given training in skills related to precise measuring methods using CMM tools and clinical tests includes the impact of use, strength and durability of product design.

After completing their training, students will receive ‘Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia’ Level 1 to Level 3 accredited by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran and Technology Certificate commissioned by the Department of Human Resource.

Skilled machinist is needed to operate, maintain and repair varioues types of machine and equipment. Job opportunities can be found in engineering workshops, foundri, machine tools factory, ship repair and construction sites, oil refinery and manufacturing workshops and also repairing plants and machinery. Among the jobs are general machinist (Operating Rows/ Grinding/ Milling) or other related job in machinist field.cnc

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