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Metal Fabrication Technology

flStudents will be exposed with manufacturing, shaping, installing and connecting the metal using rolling technique, bending and folding using convensional or CNC machines. Installing and connecting works using welding methods (SMAW, GMAW and GTAW), gas welding and ‘meribet’. Other than that, students will be taught ways to cut metal manually or using machine. Students will learn about techniques to make framework, mains (wind, gas and water), boiler and other ways according to current industry standard.

After completing their training, students will receive ‘Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia’ Level 1 to Level 3 accredited by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran and Technology Certificate commissioned by the Department of Human Resource.

Graduates can work with metal based construction industry sector such as shipbuilding, oil rigs, gas, water and wind pipes connection and boiler, manufaturing industry factor such as making building framework, vehicles, metal based furniture and iron serrations. Students can also involve in contractor field or open their own business.

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